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Plasform Company, Inc.

PCI - Plasform Company, Inc. Your Custom Marine Plastic Parts Supplier.

Welcome to the Plasform Company website. We are a custom manufacturer of plastics. We manufacture a wide variety of plastic marine parts, boat accessories, and other types of plastics parts for general industry usage. We continually strive to exceed our customers changing needs and offer several types of plastics materials in a large range of colors. Plasform is also concerned with the environment and its well being. That's why we're pleased to inform you that our products are recyclable and are environmentally safe. Our products are also made in the USA.

We manufacture a wide variety of boating products and supplies. While most of our clients are boat builders, we also sell to marine parts dealers. Our products can be found on just about every kind of boat: speed boats, river boats, pontoon boats, speed boats and ski boats to name a few.

Our facility is equipped with seven (7) injection molding machines, ranging from 55 ton machines to 250 ton machines.

We are committed to our products, services and customers and have been since 1975. We strive to improve each day to better serve you. If there is any particular item needed that is presently not listed, let us help you by developing a custom made part created to your requirements and needs.


Newest & Popular Products

Foot Pad - Left Foot Pad - Left Tee Fitting - 1.50" x 2.00" x 1.50" (1-1/2"x2"x1-1/2") - Black Tee Fitting - 1.50 Foot Pad - Right Foot Pad - Right Hose Flange - 4.00" - Black Hose Flange - 4.00
Flange - Rectangular 4.00" x 6.00" Flange - Rectangular 4.00 Collar - 4.00" Pipe Flange Collar - 4.00 Drain Plug - Fits Thru Hull Hole - Ridged w/ Flange Drain Plug - Fits Thru Hull Hole - Ridged w/ Flange Push Plug - Round for 2.75" Hole - Black Push Plug - Round for 2.75